Commission Info

2011-11-01 00:47:21 by JustinianKnight

Commision Info:
I can do many types of illustration work along with grapic design and can change up my style to suit your needs. Adding more characters/backgrounds will cost more. (+) means that it may be more depending on amount of detail needed. Payment must be through Paypal (credit cards work on it), usually half before starting and half upon completion, also please make sure to SEND AS A "GIFT" as it gets around the fees that Paypal charges me.

Prices here are a rough estimate based on past commisions. I can negotiate the price somewhat, but it ultimately depends on the detail and amount of time I feel it will take to make your artwork.

$15 Inked
$20 Color

$10 Rough Sketch
$20 Inked
$25(+) Colored

Graphic Design Work
Usually a $30 minimum, Price depends on the type of work and will be negotiated with me.

Email and I will contact you ASAP. I normally have a very quick turn-around and am easy to work with in fixing and fine tuning your piece.

Note: Can draw nude and adult/hentai images but it might take longer to work on and maybe cost slightly more.


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2011-11-02 01:45:54

I've only just discovered your work! I have to say that you are one of the most talented people I have seen on newgrounds! Cannot wait to see your future work! Will continue stalking this page... muahaha.


2012-03-02 21:42:04

I agree with AshleyAyse. Your art is of a considerably high quality. :D


2012-08-19 18:21:16

I guess the rick is to hit one of these convention things, buy a table and sell whatever you can.
If 39#comments can do it, I'm sure you can make the money for the table and then some!
Thanks for posting your wonderful work here!