Open for Commisions

2011-04-12 00:46:03 by JustinianKnight

The very nice and cool peoples here on Newgrounds seem to have taken a great liking to my work so I figure I should post this here as well!

I'm open for commisions again!
I do pretty much anything and can change up my style somewhat to suit your needs. If you want something but are unsure just send me a mail. Payment must be through paypal, ideally before I start so I don't get ripped off again. I will ensure you get your product no matter what if you pay me beforehand!

(ALL DIGITAL WORK, price is for 1 character per pic with no background, might be more for groups and complicated backgrounds etc)

$5 Rough Sketch
$10 Inked
$15- Colored

$10 Rough Sketch
$15 Inked
$20-30 Colored
Other stuff I can let you know.

Example: Full color image with simple background and two characters will be around $40-50. My pricing can be flexable though.

Email and/or message me here (email is probably faster tho) and I will contact you. I normally have a very quick turn-around and am easy to work with in fixing and fine tuning your piece. If you choose not to pay before hand I will only show you a small sample first and you can confirm and then send payment to my paypal and I'll send you the full big file after that.

Note: Can draw nude/hentai-ish stuff but it might cost extra/take longer to work on.


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