Help me not starve! Open for Commision!

2010-11-12 20:44:53 by JustinianKnight

Hey everyone, I'm currently open for art commisions over here - JustinianKnight's Commision Info! .
If you're interested in some cheap kick-ass art from me, send me an email ( or message me on DevArt and I'll get back to you super soon!

Also thanks again for the great response I've had here so quickly, I really appreciate your votes and views on my stuff in the Art Portal!


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2011-02-05 08:18:37

If I had money I would commission... but I do make music(most of it's crap, but I do have a few decent songs like Ariel ~ and -Biotech-). And I was having a thought... would it be possible to trade commisions? I'll make a song for you, on what you say, and you draw me something: no money involved!(see this is how poor people bargain %u03C4_%u03C4 )

It's just a thought so by all means turn me down. But if you're interested, PM me. I log in daily.

(Updated ) JustinianKnight responds:

Hmm, I like some of your music, not sure if I have time todo a commision without gettin paid at the moment, but I'll keep this in mind and when I think of what kinda music I might need for a project or something I'll take you up on your offer. (possibly sometime this month) :)


2011-04-11 13:20:37

You got a lot of talent. I hope things go well for you with the comic industrial. It can be a scary place
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