You guys are great!

2010-11-07 23:08:07 by JustinianKnight

Wow such a huge response to my art within just one day, I should have uploaded some ages ago! Make sure to check out my art at http://www.justinianknight.deviantart.
as well as my new webcomic "Chihana" at , I tend to update those more often!


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2010-11-08 19:06:08

wow your artwork is really good, im definaty following that webcomic of your cant wait to see what you do!


2010-11-09 18:46:29

Ello fellow artist. I've taken a look at some of your work and I gotta say good show old boy! Although the comic needs more pages. >.>
But yes nice art work and nice comic, made me laugh a bit really.


2010-11-10 06:38:29

you need to make your voice be heard because not alot of people might not know you. maybe you can work on that